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Now Accepting 2015 Maximize Life Event Proposals!

From June 2nd to July 1st, 2015, The Max Foundation is accepting Maximize Life Global Cancer Awareness Campaign event proposals from cancer organizations that are members of the Max Global Network. This annual campaign takes place throughout the month of October in commemoration of the birthday anniversary of Max Rivarola, who lived courageously with leukemia and in whose memory The Max Foundation was created.

The Max Foundation provides small grants as well as supportive branding materials and logistical support. Organizations are encouraged to feature an inspirational survivor sharing their cancer experience. The campaign is based on the premise that encouraging an open dialogue around the cancer experience increases hope and awareness within the community.


Posted by Erin L. Schneider on June 01, 2015 | Comments: 0

Max CEO’s ongoing commitment to treatment access solutions recognized by iCMLf ERSAP Prize

In recognition of her personal passion and role in leading The Max Foundation in increasing access to treatment, care, and support for people living with cancer around the world, Max CEO, Pat Garcia-Gonzalez is the recipient of the International CML Foundation’s ERSAP Prize.

Read the award announcement.


Posted by Erin Schwartz on May 27, 2015 | Comments: 1

The Max Foundation & Friends of Max bolster long standing partnership with MOU signing

The Max Foundation (Max) and Friends of Max (FOM) proudly announce the formalization of their long standing collaboration supporting people living with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) and gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GIST) in India.  The two organizations signed a landmark Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) at the recent Friends of Max 2015 Leadership Summit attended by Max CEO, Pat Garcia-Gonzalez in Hyderabad on April 19th.

'Read more' for the full announcement.


Posted by Erin Schwartz on April 27, 2015 | Comments: 0

We are officially engaged…with our Seattle community!

The Max Foundation’s new headquarters is still buzzing with all the great energy that filled our offices thanks to new and old friends that attended our recent Open House on April 9th.  We welcomed our Seattle community to join us on what we called our world tour.  Visitors were invited to move from region to region in order to learn about our work in Asia Pacific, Africa, Latin America and, of course, North America.

Throughout the event, we were able to learn lots about our visitors and they seemed to, also, enjoy networking with each other.  Many of our current partner organizations were present and friends who have helped us along the way, from consultants to designers.  It was exciting to have everyone with us for our house-warming and it indeed made the world feel like a much smaller place!

Thanks to everyone who join us!  We look forward to staying connected! Please be sure to click through our gallery of photos to enjoy our event vicariously.


Posted by Erin Schwartz on April 20, 2015 | Comments: 0

Announcing Max CEO as recipient of National Cancer Institute Global Cancer Medicine Humanitarian Award

The Max Foundation is proud to announce CEO, Pat Garcia-Gonzalez as the recipient of the National Cancer Institute Global Cancer Medicine Humanitarian Award at the U.S. National Cancer Institute 3rd Annual Symposium on Global Cancer Research held in Boston on 25 March 2015. This is the first Global Cancer Medicine Humanitarian Award to be given at the NCI’s Symposium.

Read Media Release


Posted by Erin Schwartz on March 25, 2015 | Comments: 2

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